Bärbel N.

You are very talented and fast!  Also a very good business lady. I hope to meet you at the Craft Fair. Thank you very much for the extras, too.  All the best to you.


K. Brown

I just sat down and opened your package.  I LOVE IT!!! I so want to open and look at the cards, but am afraid I may not be able to put them back nicely.  The bag is adorable.  I love that your knit...these are so the type of dishcloths I use at the house, so this will be very hand....thank you for that---such a nice surprise. The volunteers are going to love the bag and note cards..wish I could win them, but I know the artist so can always order one for myself.

Jeanne W.

Kathleen, the package you sent me arrived today. Thank you so very much. The scarf is gorgeous! I love it. Right now it is a little too warm to wear it. September will be here soon. The dish wash, magnet and notecards were an added bonus. Your creations are awesome. I always try to bid on your auction items! My chi dog, Walter, would also like to bless you for supporting the Chi's!!

Rhonda M.

Kathleen; I am in shock at your generosity!  I couldn't believe all the extra cards you included.  How do you do it?  Anyway, I just wanted to  thank you so much.  I love your cards and look forward to sending them to friends.  I look forward to ordering at Christmas!

Erika B.

I just received a bunch of Boston terrier cards and I absolutely love them!!!! I am using them as thank you cards to all the vets and surgeons that just treated my Boston for cancer. She is now cancer free and I just know everyone will love these cards!!!
Thank you. They are perfect.

Pam H.

Hi Kathleen. I got the package yesterday.. Thank you so much for everything.. the wonderful note - the extra cards..  I just love your art work!  Thank you again... Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Liz F.

Wow. That is really nice of you to send a message. What a nice touch. Nobody does that any more. Thank you too for sharing your creativity. You’re very talented.

Jolene M.

Hi Kathleen. I received my note cards that I love so much. But I see you included so many other beautiful things as well. Thank you so so much. That was very kind of you and I just love everything you do. They’re all so sweet. I wish I could get all of them!

Joanne S.

It is my pleasure to know Kathleen Stemler and have her as A Senior Volunteer who helps this Senior stay independent. Her compassion, plus generosity for people and animals can’t be measured. She is a very Creative Artist and her LOVE shows in her Art and the World.

Sandy C.

I received my winning items from Kathleen Heiner Stemler. I LOVE everything so much. I received two beautiful pieces, a set of the cutest cards ever plus two awesome knitted dish clothes. I can now say I am a lifelong fan of her art work and a new Facebook friend. Most importantly we are both supporters of Kevin and Petunia...that's what it's really all about!

Heather J.

 The artwork of my beloved friend Kathleen Heiner Stemler, please share and visit her site, she is truly amazing. She drew my tattoo of Juno and I am still amazed at this permanent piece of artwork that she created for me, it is beyond stunning. I get comments on it everywhere I go and am so proud. And Chance, the piece prior to Juno, just makes me speechless....I love this piece beyond words and it deserves recognition. Kathleen is an animal advocate and has truly captured the epitome of a shelter dog. Your work is so beautiful Kathleen!  ♥ 

Alana M.

Thank you Kathleen. Your cards are beautiful and the little extra treats were wonderful!! You were sweet to include a thank you note. As I age, I realize more and more the power of handwritten notes, so thank you. Happy holidays.

Marie P.

Hi Kathleen. The crows arrived on Friday. Thank you for all the wonderful surprises and very nice note. I wrote a 5 star review on Amazon. I know my friend will like her gift. It’s been great doing business with you.

Christine C.

A few weeks ago I learned that I was approved to adopt a rescued white German Shepherd.  He'd been abused so he's very timid and shy and will need lots of confidence boosters to help him grow into his name, "Boss."  With a name like that, I just knew I'd have to find some kind of tie for him to wear!  I found a very handsome collar with a detachable checkered bowtie.  Next I wanted to find some Shepherd-y thank you cards to give to the people at the rescue who have helped us on our adoption journey.  I had all but given up on finding anything White Shepherd related when I saw your card!!!  I literally laughed out loud at how PERFECT it was!!! God bless whatever inspired you to create that lovely design and I wish you the greatest of luck in your endeavors!

Cindy D.


"I love the items I have purchased. Kathleen's art is heartwarming, cheerful, she puts a lot of herself in each piece.  Delivery is a sweet surprise with a note from her, fast and efficient as well."     

Joanne C.

This is my friend Kathleen Heiner Stemler's art? her work brings joy into the world! You can buy her creations on Zazzle and I promise it will make you smile BIG.

Maddy on Instagram

Kathleen. I absolutely love your work. It takes a special person to do the work you do. Your work makes people smile, that's a special gift darling!!

Stan and Sue

Hi Kathleen, I don’t usually scroll Facebook too much but OMG I just saw your beautiful picture of Bella, we absolutely love it! I didn’t want to respond on FB because I wanted to give your followers a chance to guess, that was a fun idea! But I’ll comment later because that’s amazing!!! Stanley did not tell me you had stopped by to show him the outline of Bella, but when I saw your picture I knew that was Bella. WOW my heart is smiling!!!!

Diane M.

Hi Kathleen, just letting you know that I received my cards today. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and for your generosity with including extra cards! Your art creations are awesome and I look forward to giving these lovely cards to friends, which is how I found you - I received one from a friend. Many thanks again and will shop with you again. Happy Holidays! 


Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital

 We have a great new selection of cards designed by the amazing Kathleen. When you purchase cards for $3.00 each, Kathleen generously donates 100 percent, yes, we said 100 percent of the sales to our Angel Fund.